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White Painted Cathedrals: Sights and Sounds from Hamburg, Germany

Sights: Meandering through multiple cathedrals in the industrial city of Hamburg, you'll find many interiors covered with a white coat of paint and filled with a blend of both modern and more dated icons. There's a certain sense of the Germans attempting to scrub clean their past, trying to mark their entry into an era configured as a progressive, equitable, and inclusive. But is it so?

The Bema Podcast: The Silent Years: Welcome to Hellenism

Maiden, Mother, Matriarch with Louise Perry: Hag Feminism


Other Sights:

Hamburg Townhall

Chillingly, a place where Hitler also held a rambunctious rally.

St. Nicholas Church Memorial
Bombed by the Allies in 1943 and now stands as a reminder of the horrors of war and a commitment to peace.
My front camera while leaning back to take this picture

Drinking in the beauty and oddities around me.

Cheers, Carolyn


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